Friday, March 13, 2009

7lbs in 7days Personal Challenge

Well, as the title might suggest. I'm looking for some rapid weight loss!! Some might think I'm mad and some may think it unhealthy. But that's assuming for the worst! For the last 6 days I've been on Jason Vale's ( 7lbs in 7 Days program. (i stress this is not a diet!).
This is a total detox week for me. I did this last summer and was where I made my first significant bit of weight loss and how my wife kickstarted here transformation to lose a total of 48lbs.

Essentially over the 7days you only consume juices & smoothies, extracted from fresh vegetables and fruit. Creating extremly nutrient dense drinks which flush out your system, giving your body a break, nourishing your cells with the raw nutrients it needs to function. Jason Vale himself went from being overweight, smoker, and with Asthama & sever psoriasis, to a very healthy weight, clearer skin and his asthma under control once he got into juicing. It makes a lot of sense. I'm not starving myself, as I take one of these juices or smoothies every 3hours. Its an amazing detox experience as you come off all the artificial highs of caffines and processed sugars. You get tons of energy and feel very cleansed! And most importantly.. i'm slimming down.

So, in conjunction with the juices, you also have to MOVE! Excecise every day. This wasn't too hard for me this week, as I'd already made the decision to excercise everyday, prior to this. I'm up most morning with my Sons, so I hop in to the home Gym, myself and Carla created last summer and work out before work. Managing to do 40mins on the treadmill and weight training also. So happy with that at the moment.

So, 7lbs in 7 days, is it achievable? Yes. Last summer I did it and I lost 9lbs in the 7 days. I know some of this will be water weight, some lean body mass and fat combined..and not pure fat loss. But I know for me it will kick start me on the road to getting to my target weight of 13.5 stone.

Tomorrow is my last full day of the program. I'm not meant to weigh in until day 8 according to the book. However Saturday is our weigh in day, so I'll be weighing in tomrrow morning anyway, for a sneak peek on my progress.

Last Sunday Morning I weighed, 15st. 12lbs. Lets see how I progress this week. Noticing the difference already, so is Carla. My stomach is a lot flatter, and my tracksuit pants were starting to slip down me this morning when training on the treadmill. Yay!

So, I plan to finnish reading Burn the Fat, Feed the muscle, by Tom Venuto, and look at how I can incorporate his methods into my lifestyle going forward and to get into shape past these 7days.

keep you updated on my juicing progress!


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