Saturday, March 21, 2009

Challenge 1 - Weigh in 21st March - Andrew

Still sick this week but the end is in sight, only need to blow my nose 100 times a day at the moment, instead of 1000 times a day! Got back into the gym too, pushed too hard on the first night even though I could only manage 25 minutes and felt terrible afterwards, the following day though I was there for 35 and felt better. So, next week I'll keep building it back up until I'm back to an hour of cardio and a few days of resistance training per week.

Weight: 155.7kg (24.52 stone)

So, a good result! I bought a scales this week as I was convinced that the scales in the pharmacy must be wrong to be giving me these impressive results each week but nope, the new scales agrees with the pharmacy one. It's a pretty cool scales too, has a USB port in it, remembers your last 20 weights (including BMI, etc), you stick a USB memory stick (supplied) into it, upload it to the computer and their software graphs it all for you! Sweet!

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