Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Weigh I Was - Dara

Over the last 9-10months approx, I've made some progress on my weight loss, but especially in the last month. I had seen Andrew's post here on his 'before' photos. So I started to dig out mine. There is one photo in particular that I had to put up here, because it was one of those photos that was a defining moment for me. Below is that photo. The picture was taken in our Kitchen 26th April 2008 when I was hitting my heaviest of around 17stone. The thing that got me most about this photos was that it was taken by my son Christian. I remember just looking at the photo and thinking, 'Oh god, is that how he sees me'. It was around this time Carla was starting to lose weight also. So that summer is when I made my first attempts to lose weight and I did lose over a stone.

However, here is that picture:

(note jeans in above shot are the ones in my last weigh in pics: see Dara - 21st March).

Below now, is some shots of me when i tried to get started with losing weight at the end of 2007.
These were taken on November 16th 2007. I weighed 16st. 12lbs in these shots. My attempt was short lived as I went on to weigh 17st+ my May 2008 (as per above photo).

Anyway, below I have a few other random photos from last year or two. My face is quite heavy and double chin quite noticeable. Anyhoo.. this might give you an idea for where I've come from so far.

So, I hope in maybe 6 months time I can get Christian to take a new photo of me which will be the complete opposite of that photo above he took.. Something we can both be proud of! :)

'No Weigh Back' to this.. :)


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