Sunday, March 22, 2009

Challenge 1 - Weigh in 21st March - Dara

this week has been a bit slow on the excercise front for me. I let things slip a bit. However for the best part of the week I kept on top of my good eating habbits. This weekend being mothers day did present me with two meals out where I had to make the best choices possible for food (while still enjoying myself!!).

I'm writing this entry, sunday night, but my weigh in info is from yesterday morning.
So, Mothers Day is drawing to a close.. I went for lunch with Carla's Family and I managed to go for fairly healthy options for lunch.. Melon, Grilled salmon, and fruit salad! :)

Anyway..on excecise front, I had a busy week in work which had me up late a few nights. And usually I get my excecise before I head out to work..however late worknights and Alex being sick and not sleeping well (and us in turn), I favoured my bed in the mornings this week instead of the gym! So, I've no-one to blame but myself. I did get out though for 4km walk Friday night, and I was back training again this morning in my gym.

Having said all that, I did make a little progress on my weight loss!

This week I'm 1 pound down, not massive loss, but something.

weight: 15st 4lbs. (214lbs)

So, above, I know I'm seeing some results which is great, keeps me going. My hips/bum area is where I have bulk of my weight and where I can see in the 'lumpy' bits in the above photos! But I'm making progress nonethless.. bit by bit!
My sister in Law is helping me monitor my weight. She is a dietician and is performing skin fold test on me. I checked in with her on Saturday and my waist measurement has gone down by 1 inch in the last 2 weeks. My waist fat % is a bit higher than last time, and my arm fat % is still the same (above average fat%).

I have some extra photos today. I put on a pair of Jeans I used to wear less than 12months ago. They're 42" waist. I've another post going up tonight with my before picks, so you will see these feature a lot! They were my comfy Jeans. Now far too big for me. I'm wearing a 36" waist at the moment. It was nice doing this.

Anyway.. well I learnt this week I need my sleep, and without it, I'll throw things out completely, and B. I know that I can still keep on top of my good eating habbits.

I've been eating so much clean food, and with my juicing the other week, my pallette has become very sensitive. I haven't really had any wine in the last month. So last night when I was out for dinner with Carla. I tried a glass of wine. It tasted like pure neat vodka. I couldn't drink it. So, I guess in a round about way thats good news for my weigh loss that I can keep away from fattening alcohol. (also tummy felt a bit off after all the rich food last night, but it soon passed after the workout I had).

till next week


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