Sunday, March 29, 2009

Challenge 1 - Weigh in 28th March - Andrew

This weekend has been a bad one, I've slipped a few times. Mainly because of the consumption of alcohol. On Friday night I was coerced (albeit quite easily) by my colleagues to go for "a pint" after work. This turned into a session in which I consumed a lot of beer, and at least 2 vodkas. All on a pretty empty stomach which lead, in turn, to junk food on the way home, as well as some little scumbag trying to pick a fight with me on Westmoreland Street. My stress levels from work are quite high with the pending audit and the preparation going into it, as well as relationship issues. all making me feel quite wound up.

It didn't help either that I went to the movies yesterday (was good at the cinema, just had a small scoop of sorbet and water) and then went out for drinks afterwards. A lot of empty calories this weekend, not good at all. On a more positive note, the weight loss so far has become noticeable to me, my confidence has increased, I'm walking taller, I was approached several times in the bars last night and though I didn't do anything about it, it WAS a huge boost to my self confidence.

Anyway, the lesson to be learned here is that drink is the devil when it comes to weight loss. So, lesson learned, while I might go to the pub after work again, I'll stick to non alcoholic drinks for the time being.

Weight: 154.3 kg / 24.29 stone / 340.17 lbs

The rest of the week was quite good in terms of both diet and workout. Skipped one day of the gym due to fatigue, completely overdid it with the resistance training on the Monday, was wiped out by the time that Wednesday came around. I'll take the weights down a little next time, I seem to forget that I've been out of the gym from that flu thingy I had and I can't really just expect to go back in, all guns blazing. My cardio on Monday was low enough but by Thursday I had it back up to normal levels. So that's coming along nicely!

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  1. I personally found I have to go cold turkey on any of those goodies. I know for fact that any time in past I've put back on weight, is when i've just said, 'oh, only one won't hurt' and by end of month, I'm shovelling bikkies down my gob.

    Not saying I won't have or try the odd sweet thing or drink at moment, but at moment its easier for me to consciously not take any than to try it in moderation.

    At moment I don't really want alcohol for 2 reasons, 1. last time I tried it, it tasted too strong after being off it for so long. and 2. I read a weight loss blog which really put it in perspective, a night drinking can have so many calories that it will put you back a week. So all good work I put in during the week would be wasted.And thats not worth it in my mind at the moment.

    I think alcohol can be incorporated in to a weight loss scheme, as long as you account for the calories in your daily/weekly allowance, and don't go overboard, and you still get a healthy balanced diet.