Saturday, April 4, 2009

Challenge 1 - Weigh in 4th April - Andrew

This will be a lightning fast blog as I am running out the door to get some clothes for my sisters 40th tonight. More accurately, I am getting some new clothes because everything I own now is starting to make me look like MC Hammer, that's how baggy everything has become! A few weeks back I had to punch new holes in my belts to make them tight enough to actually keep my trousers on! I kind of like the idea of holding onto one of these belts, marking the date on each new hole, as a little reminder to myself when all this is done, a trophy almost.

Anyway, enough rambling from me on this, let's get down to business!

Weight: 153.3 kg /24.14 stone /337.97 lbs

So, not a huge loss this week.....or so it would seem on the surface. I've been a little "bunged up" the last few days so there might be a HUGE weight loss by next weekend!! I hope that Dara, or anyone else for that matter, isn't eating as they read this!

Just as a side note, before I forget it, I've been seeing these tickers pop up on various sites, looks like it might be a laugh although I haven't looked into them yet, as in the "how to" aspect of them. Can't be all that hard to do though!!

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