Saturday, April 18, 2009

Challenge 1 - Weigh in 18th April - Dara

Ah man,
this is tough..I have to say serious weight loss and lifestyle changes are not for those who don't have their head in the right place. Let me cut to the chase...

Weight: 15st 0lbs (210lbs) - no change
Bodyfat: 22% - minus 2 percentage points

Once again it would appear on the surface I'm hitting a weight loss plateau. Maybe I'm losing fat though going by the fat% on the scales. I've dropped from 24% last week to 22% this week. Which in the end of the day, losing fat is the aim of the game here. But for me to lose 2% points of fat, and still be same weight it would mean I have put on weight in the form of lean muscle/body mass.

E.g. Last weeks data:
24% bodyfat

breaks out as:
50.4lbs of body fat
159.6lbs Lean mass

This weeks data:
22% bodyfat

breaks out as:
46.2lbs of bodyfat
163.8lbs of lean mass

So you can see from above example, if the scales bodyfat % is right I have lost just under 4lbs of bodyfat, and put on just under 4lbs of lean mass. Where have I lost this and gained this, I don't.
So, from my perspective, I would have loved to have seen even 1lb down on overall body weight to see me move into the 14stone mark...but hey, that will hopefully be next week (final weigh in for challenge 1).

On the workout front this week, I had a very good week, I did Cardio every day except thursday and I got 2 good strength training sessions in, and another smaller one. Although I missed cardio on thursday I made up for it yesterday (friday). I did 20mins in the morning when I got up and I did 60mins cardio on treadmill yesterday evening.

In terms of nutrition and eating this week. Well, it was pretty good. I have had better weeks. I did have some take away foods this week, but best choices I could make. No big creamy sauces, and lean chicken where possible. but I'd still score it around 90% on target. (though I did have a slice of birthday cake yesterday for Alex's birthday - tut tut - it was too nice!!)

Well here are the photos for this weeks results. I think my frustration is reflected a little in my expression this week! look a little grumpy!!

So, In general, I'm still very happy with how I'm progressing. I've had a good week getting on track with workouts, but wish I had made more progress on overall weight loss front. Today was last weigh in before final Challenge 1 weight loss. My goal was 13st 7lbs, which now I think I was overly ambitious..however I have learnt an awful lot, and at same time I have still lost weight and feeling great. I had a trip to the attic this week to pull down a bag of old clothes I hadn't worn in years, and found a whole new wardrobe! I also retired all my old 42" and some other 38" trousers to the attic also. So that was theraputic. On a daily basis I notice small things that remind me of my progress... trousers loser, my watch needed a link removed, my wedding ring is nearly falling off me because my fingers are skinnier, and even my shoes are loser. So although the scales may not be showing as massive drop yet, I'm feeling it.
I have to take a visit to My sister in law and get her to take some measurements again and see how I've progressed with skin fold test. I think that will give a good indication also.
But for this final week. I'm going to really have to review my diet, and turn my cardio workouts completely and utterly on their head. I think I thought it would be much easier to lose the remaining weight. But it has been a really good learning experience.
I'm looking forward to next week when Andrew and I meet up for the first time in 5 or 6 years. It will be a laugh as always.. :)
Until next week and final weigh in..

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