Saturday, April 18, 2009

Challenge 1 - Weigh in 18th April - Andrew

Well, it's been a good week with good progress. I went back to the drawing board, so to speak, and looked at everything that I was doing compared to everything that I am doing now to identify any areas that I could improve on. The results were surprising to me.

Generally, dietary matters are fine, the odd slip up here and there in the past but certainly nothing major. The main area to improve on was exercise. I don't think that I've been pushing myself as much as I used to, every week I'd try to do a slightly harder workout, building it up over time. I found that I'd been largely ignoring my core workouts (crunches and curls), my cardio, although good, was at a setting that I've been at for a while. So, this week, I went all out. Shifted up the cardio a difficulty setting, really mixed it up too by using machines that I don't normally use (and here's a piece of advise from bitter experience this week, if you've never used a machine before, get lessons on how to set the difficulty setting first, I pushed myself to the point of collapse on Wednesday as I was using the rowing machine for the first time and didn't realise it was on the highest setting - ouch!). I also started my core exercises too, for the time being they will be every second day (Mon, Wed, Fri) until I can get them all done, then I'll push them up again.

Right, enough talking, here are my results for this week!

Weight: 151.1 kg /333.11 lbs /23.79 stone

So, just over a 2 kg loss! Not bad eh - worth the sore muscles!!

A few more stats according to my scales:
Body Fat % : 32.6
Visceral Fat : 17
BMI : 37.4
Musle Mass % : 34.9

My BMI is still very high, BUT when I started my weight loss journey (before Dara and I got in contact), I was 45.1. So I'm tickled pink to see that figure fall as well, plus my trousers seem to be getting looser all the time and as I type this I'm wearing a t-shirt that a well meaning friend bought me last year that was just way too small to wear, fits me just right now!

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