Friday, April 24, 2009

eve before end of challenge 1

Good evening,
its the night before challenge 1 ends and final weigh in day! It has been a fantastic 2 months working on the weight loss and doing this accountability blog. Realy motivational when you have to blog each week.

Anyway, with tomorrows final weigh in for challenge 1 coming up, I decided to do a quick recap.
Here is a quick reminder of where we started and first photos from this blog.

When Andy and I agreed challenge 1, which was just a couple of weeks before we started this blog, we set out to meet tomorrow, and see who hit their goal!

here are our original stats again as a reminder..

Dara's Weight loss goal:
Height: 6' 1"
Starting Weight (Feb 21st 2009): 16stone 2lbs (226lbs)
Target by April 25th: 13stone 7lbs. (189lbs)
Total weight loss goal: 37lbs

Andrew's Weight loss goal:
Height: 6' 7" (yes he's one tall fella)
Starting Weight (Feb 21st 2009): 25stone 10lbs (360lbs)
Target by April 25th: 23stone 5lbs.(327)
Total weight loss goal: 33lbs

So here is a reminder of the first pics we posted, here.... So, tomorrow.. all will be revealed and sumarised!

We meet up tomorrow at my house in Monaghan... after we weigh in and blog tomorrow am before we meet. Looking forward to meeting up, it should be fun!! We'll review challenge 1, set challenge 2, and reveal ideas for the future for this blog!!!

Until the morning..


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