Saturday, April 11, 2009

Challenge 1 - Weigh in 11th April - Dara

Good morning!
well, last week I said I broke my plateau, so did that continue? This week, I didn't get nearly enough work outs done. I usualy work out before work, but last week my eldest son has been bad with his Asthma and I've not been getting enough sleep to be fit to get out of bed in the morning...however I did finish up my week with a couple of good sessions in the evenings.

Having said my workouts weren't great this week, I did well with my eating. I've been trying carb cycling as I've mentioned before, and I think its paying off, really noticed it yesterday when I was on v. low carbs, was really craving carbs. Today willbe high carbs again, yum!

Anyway, this morning, weigh in day. I was anxious this week that with the not so great workouts that I wouldn't make any progress, or just marginal. I really wanted to get down to 15st2lbs, make some progress. Well, I had a pleasant surpise this are my stats for this week:

Weight: 15st 0lbs (210lbs) (-3lbs on last week WOOHOO!!!)
bodyfat: 24%

So, I'm really chuffed with the progress, still not so sure about the body fat % reading on the scales. this mornings reading on the scales was a genuine surprise and must be related to keeping the eating on straight and narrow, even if training was not 100%. This has given me a boost.

As for photos, here we go... (using my digital camera instead of iphone camera so should be better quality from now on)

So, its been a bit of a crappy in terms of workouts, but I really think I need to get back to daily cardio in the mornings before work. I think if I don't do daily, I run risk of not getting anything done. I need to focus on my motivation to do this.
I don't have a large amount of weight to lose now. My goal is 13st. 7lbs. thats 1.5stone to go. the last stone is usually the most tricky/stubborn to lose. So some people may think I might not look like I have to lose weight, but its spread out over my body at moment, and there are pockets of areas that still have a good bit of fat that need to be shifted. Still on my belly, ass, thighs, a bit around the chest... I think when I get down to my target weight and look back at these photos and it will be clearer where that weight had to go. Time will tell!! :)
Until next week.

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