Saturday, April 25, 2009

Challenge 1 - Final Weigh in 25th April - Dara

Good morning,

Well its final weigh in day today for Challenge 1. I have to be honest and up front and say I'm a little bit of a grump this morning. multple reasons, mostly due to lack of sleep. 'Alex will you sleep for flips sake'... was late getting to bed (1am), then into his bed to settle him around 3.40am, then up awake at 6.40am... feeling a bit tired...Anyhoo this has been a reflection of how this week has been for me in general.. Alex can be such a light sleeper at times and he goes through bad spells like this where he wakes a lot at night... very frustrating......anyhow.. there's my excuse for this week, for bad mood and bad week of excercising (especially at the start of the week). My weight training went to crap this week as I only got a small bit done and made sure that I at least got some cardio in.

Anyhooo, the start of the week was a total washout from an excercise perspective, with Alex not sleeping I wasn't fit for early morning workouts, and I've been helping Carla out with some Financial Returns for the Pre-School which were due for Quarter 1. So, once those were out of the way I got into some excercise on Wed, thurs and Fri, primarily cardio with small stints of weights.

So having said that, I had been monitoring my weight all week to ensure I wasn't going back up.. and thanksfully it has been going down!!! woo hoo, reason to celebrate... all week I was seeing consistent 14st, 12lb weight !! yahooo!!!! however this morning... here were my stats for my final weigh in of challenge 1 !!!

Weight: 14st 13lbs (-1lb on last week....should have been two!!!!!!)
Bodyfat%: 22% (static)

so, seeing it up to 13lbs was a little annoying this morning, but I guess is due to bad sleep and lack of consistent excercise this week. So, I know I didn't hit my targeted weight by a long shot of 13st 7lbs, but the aggressive goal was great! and still achieveable ...challenge 2 here I come!!!

Diet this week was pretty good, and happy with eating.

So.. I know I said at begining of this post, I was in a bit of a grump.. but it willl be short lived I know..just need to get head in rihgt place and do a workout too, relieve some stress!! Also Andy is coming up here today and that should be good craic..

Progress on challenge 1.

Starting Weight: 16st 2lbs (226lbs) 28% bodyfat
Current Weight: 14st 13lbs (209lbs) 22% bodyfat
Total Loss: 1st 1lb (15lbs)

I think thats not bad for 2 months work!, though the plateau's definately threw me, I had higher expectations, but didn't realise how challenging it would be once I started to get down to this current weight. Lots learnt,..and v. happy I'm at my lightest weight.


So, photos I'm showing this weeks in comparisson to the 1st one blogged here..which was a couple of weeks into challenge 1 when we setup this blog. And I've also shown some comparisson to my november 07 photos when I weighed 16st 12lbs, and I've come a long way since then (over 2st).

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