Sunday, April 5, 2009

Challenge 1 - Weigh in 4th April - Dara

So, has the plateau I was facing last week been broken?

well, good news is, it appears to be!! I double checked my daily calorie intake this week for what I should be taking in daily for maintenance levels, and for calorie defecit and I was in the right bracket for 15-20% calorie defecit to keep weight loss up. However I did change my cardio this week, I changed it about a bit. Instead of only doing treadmill I did a mix of treadmill, stepper and rope in quick successsion. I probably could have done it more frequently this week, but I still got that in and working on my new resistance training routine, where I'm doing a 2 day split where I work half of my body one day, and then work the other half the next workout session. Allowing me to really target each muscle group effectively.

Well, so weight stats!! here we go:

Weight: 15st 3lbs (213lbs) (down 1lb on last week)
Bodyfat: 23% (down from 26% last week)

I'm not sure how accurate the bodyfat % is on our scales, but it is indicating the right trend at least. So I'm happy with inital 1lb loss and I think some muscle growth is happening. So, I'm happy with progress. I'll try increasing the frequency of my cardio this week as that seems to be making the biggest difference, new routine, new frequency. Shake it up a bit more!!! I think the trick is to step in to the gym each day and try make your body feel like it is the first time it was in the gym. i.e. push yourself!

Now, for photos:

Well, this weekend I was in Dublin so didn't get working out as I'd hoped, but did get a long walk in on Sunday (today) as Carla was doing the Bupa 10km Run in the Phoenix park, so I got a good 30mins walk around the park today, even if it wasn't high intensity, it was moving! Plus I kept my food/eating as good as possible, if frequency of eating wasn't what I've been used to lately. Anyway, back on track tomorrow!

Until next week.


P.s. Might use a different camera next week as the pics were quite fuzzy this week.

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