Sunday, May 3, 2009

Challenge 1 - Final Weigh in 25th April - Andrew

Well, it's been a long journey but not a rough one! As you can tell from the date on this, I'm not blogging on the day of the final weigh in. I had intended to but I was travelling to see Dara for the first time in years and had to get going pretty early in the morning to pick up bits and pieces before travelling. I did, however, take the time to weigh myself and to take the pics.

And the final result was.....drum roll please..........

Weight: 151.1 kg / 23.79 stone / 333.19 lbs

So, not quite the 33 lbs I'd hoped to lose as my stretch goal but still a good result!!

Progress on challenge 1.

Starting Weight: (Feb 21st 2009): 25stone 10lbs (360lbs)
Current Weight: 23.79 stone (333lbs)
Total Loss: 1st 13lb (27lbs)

I have to say that it was an absolute blast going to see Dara and his family, both he and his wife are looking really fit and healthy and their children are amazing - playing with them for 2 days was almost as good as spending time in the gym, I have NO idea where they get their energy from!!

With challenge 2 coming up it's going to be a real challenge for me as I have a weekend away coming up next weekend (leaving Friday, returning Monday), then from the 20th of May until the 30th I have a friend over from the US, I'll be touring Ireland at that point (will try to get as much hiking in as possible though!).

So, challenge 1, all in all a good success for us both.

I would like to add one thing though, it's something that Dara and I discussed and I think that it's something worth mentioning. Complacency. I have found that, in a way, success got to my head and allowed myself "the odd" night out. Thing is, the odd night leads to another odd night, and another and so on. So, bar the 2 exceptions that I have listed above I am going to try my damndest to make sure that there are no "odd nights" and REALLY push myself.

Onwards to challenge 2!!

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