Saturday, May 2, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 1 - Dara

Good evening,
I'm blogging from bed this evening, just taking a nice easy relaxed night. Its raining outside and I'm tucked up with the laptop. Today is the start of Challenge 2. And I want to take this chance to say, although this is challenge 2 I'm weighing in, and going to give a quick comparrison with last weeks weight to measure progress, and I'll set out my goal for this challenge.

So, as its challenge 2 I've to give you insight into the 4 categories as outlined in the intro to challenge 2, then I'll give stats and photos for Day 1. Daily postings won't be as long as below, but weekly I'll try to give more in depth posts.

Low carb day on my carb cycling..I'd give it a 90% out of a 100% today. Had great breakfast of Scrambled eggs & wholemeal pitta. (3 eggs with only 1 yolk, dash of milk, mixed herbs and black pepper.) Had a great lunch of rye crackers and avocado & tuna salad, dinner then was BBQ steak, salad, vegetable skewer and v. small bit of chips. But why I dock myself 10% is that I had ICECREAM!!!! and a glass of wine! shock horror!

In terms of where my head is today.. its all good. Feeling very positive today and reflecting on progress and Andy and I have made so far brings me great pleasure and enthusiasm. I know we can make it all the way, whatever happens. One thing crossing my mind a lot these days is that I'm not far off my goal now. I'm just over a stone away. And I'm the lightest I've been in over 10years. But people are surprised when I say I have that much left to go. And I know this is why I got to where I was. I listened and accepted that as truth that it was ok for me to get away carrying a extra weight. I think also, that as a society we have become too acustomed to the overweight figure, that we don't recognise a truly fit, healthy body among our peers. My clothes are baggy now, so maybe that hides it more, but I know that I have a layer of fat that needs to go!

Well, today I took it easy... no excercise (if you don't count chasing kids around). I'm heading out walking with Ollie tomorow so that will be one thing, but will also get a session of Billy's Bootcamp done! Have done 2 sessions of it this week so far and it is one hell of a workout!

Weigh In Stats:
Below are my stats, here I'm also setting out my goal for challenge 2, which is over the next 12 weeks and brings us up to July 25th!

Target for July 25th:
Target weight: 13st 7lbs (189lbs)
Target bodyfat: 16%
Target Fat loss: -15.5lbs

Day 1:
Current weight: 14st 10lbs (207lbs)
Current Bodyfat %: 22%
Week variance : -3lbs

Left to go: 15.5lbs

New format now for the photos - using photoshop template, The greyed out figure will be replaced each week with the current weeks photo, comparing it to todays.
Here we go!

Anyway, chuffed with this weeks progress. I'm down 3lbs on last weeks weigh in, though I think really last weeks was artificially high, However it is all good as I thought I was starting to hit a plateau again! But no, its a keepin a comin off! Which I think Carb Cycling has a big thing to answer for.

So, Until tomorrow!!! have to blog daily now! with quick updates .. will keep u posted! :)


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