Friday, May 8, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 7 - Dara

Evening again... late here Friday night. Feeling quite tired this evening for some reason.
Anyway... here is the update for today...

Diet: Good, egg breakfast again, snacked on fruit, salad lunch, had protein shake and fruit in afternoon, plus a chicken sandwhich, Dinner was white fish on green veg.. I undercooked the veg so i didn't eat it all, finished off the day with toasted tuna sandwhich..was quite hungry later in the evening. So, it was supposed to be low carb, it wasn't too bad, a bit too much bread to be honest about it.

Excercise: took a rest day, was too late getting up to workout this am,then this evening I just was knackered so took time to chill, had a good week so far, so I'll make up tomorrow, which was going to be my rest day.

Mind: Still good, looking forward to weigh in and photos tomorrow to compare with last saturday. First official photo comparisson for day 1. Hoping Andy gets a chance to photograph or weigh in this weekend as he is away in manchester.

Weight: 14st 10lbs, 21% bodyfat - woo hoo, that was water weight..and it seems to have moved on out the bodyfat % going down is v.good in my eyes...lets see it last!

untill tomorrow


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