Thursday, May 7, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 6 - Dara

Hmmm water retention on the scales thinks. Looked into it a bit online and found some evidence that u can put on water weight particularly after increased excercise! Which would make sense, I doubt I could go up weight so rapidly when I'm in calorie defecit and excercising my ass off (literally)!

Diet: low carb- good egg brekkie, lunch was sandwiches/roll at work lunch, dinner good with salmon on green veg, then snacked on sardines on toast..probably not the best low carb day.

Excercise: did a 30 min walk on treadmill. Sweat was up but low -med intesity.

Mind: positive, keen to drop that extra weight I'm seeing, even though it's bodyfat% I really should worry about.

Weight: 14st 12lbs(water weight of 2lbs I hope)
Bodyfat was 21.8% (which would appear to be on downward trend). Well we'll see how we are tomorrow morn !

Good night

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