Monday, May 4, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 3 - Dara

Good evening, better day than expected from this challenge point of view.
Had a trip to Dublin for my brothers bday so that's a 2 hr drive. So this usually involves a micky D stop. So I did indulge in a few nuggets but with water no fizzy drinks.

Diet: overall pretty good if u don't count the mcd nuggets,brekkie had scrambled eggs n pitta, had some nice homemade burgers and prawns all BBQ cooked with salad in my brothers and this evening wholemeal pitta with ham. Low enough carbs

Excercise: muscle workout: legs back biceps

Mind: head in good place but know in one way like andy mentioned, complacancy with success so far could easily slip in. Need to stay focused on my motivation and as Anthony Robbins says 'get disturbed' again. Don't let myself feel that where I am is ok or acceptable

Weight: 14st 10lbs , 22% bodyfat

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