Saturday, May 9, 2009

Challenge 2 - day 8 - Dara

Well today should have been proper photos weigh in etc, but discovered camera battery needs charging and cannot for life of me find the charger. I may just have to photograph tomorrow on iPhone. So I'll do a proper update tomorrow with photos and give a quick update for today.

Well another tough night with alex, didn't sleep great again, tired now and about to hit the sack.

Diet: Ended up a high carb today,and a little off track.

Excercise: null and void

Mind: honestly v tired today and had banging headache most of the afternoon, I felt a bit like dropping the ball, falling of the wagon and nearly blowing it all. Don't know why just a little frustration with progress I guess and tiredness. I wanted to do workout today but feel a bit guilty for not. However this is one day out of many. I'll get back on track tomorrow especially if I get a good sleep tonight.

Weight: 14st 11lbs, 22% bodyfat (yo-yo-ing up and down this week, very annoying)

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