Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 5 - Dara

So, it's late, been working out, flaked on a bean bag! Really pushed myself tonight. Feeling good for it if wrecked, especially after rough nights sleep with alex having nightmares!

Excercise: weights; shoulders, chest, triceps and abs workout, did great at beating last Sundays weights/reps ensuring progressive resistance. Sure I'll feel it tomorrow. Also did 30 min cardio on treadmill which was also higher intensity than yesterdays cardio. Did nearly same distance in 10mins less time.

Diet: v good, spot on low carb, but did a study of my calories and see I need to eat more calories on my high calorie/carb days. Might help me zig zag more effectively. Increased water intake also.

Mind: still good, v focused on being stricter on my workouts

Weight: 14st11lbs. 22% bodyfat. Showing 1lb up today, not overly worried as that seems to happen when I have bad night sleep so probably water retention combined with previous day being high carb day, which I read today can sometimes give u heavier weigh in next day, which is sign it's working. We'll see if that's true!!!

Now to bed to get some important sleep!!!

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