Sunday, May 17, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 16 - Dara

Good evening.

Well I missed a blog day yesterday...but sure, I've my weekly weigh in details today.

I found my camera charger, so I have better quality photos.

So, in terms of a review of the week. Excercise wise high point was Tuesday's 1km run.

Felt good to kick start running. Weights were non-existent to any extent worth talking about.

finiding it hard to get a good cardio session and good weights session in during the week. It was easier at the start as I used to and could get away with a small amount of cardio. But as my fitness levels improve, I need to do more I find. Maybe need to look at HIIT training to do more speedy cardio. I did 2 sessions of 40mins on treadmill this week, where I used dumbells also to add extra weight. I think this was good for trying to add extra weight / resistence into the treadmill workout, however still not sure thats enough.. I tell you why...

Today was a super success day for me.. I completed a 10km Walk/Run. It was my first time entering such a competition, and it really showed me how much I've improved fitness wise. I think I haven't been pushing myself nearly as much as I can. And probably explains my plateau.

I finished in 1hr 25mins. Which I think is pretty respectable, and 5mins under the time I wanted to complete it in. Plus I ran about 2 -2.5km of the course. The static weight has been driving me a bit bonkers. However I know its not permanent.

I have 2 weeks off work this week so I know I can get some good workouts done this fortnight. So hopefully I will make significant progress. And I will head out for more runs and built up my running stamina.

Target for July 25th
Target weight: 13st 7lbs (189lbs)
Target bodyfat: 16%
Target Fat loss: -15.5lbs

Current weight: 14st 11lbs (208lbs)

Current Bodyfat %: 22%

Week variance : +1lbs

Left to go: 16.5lbs

So weight is showing up, but I believe this is water retention... or something.. well not to worried, going to give it socks this week!


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