Monday, May 11, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day10 - Dara

Good evening fellow flab blasters!
Well, form has picked up a bit today... after a rough start. Another crappy nights sleep with Alex and Christian both not sleeping great.. however I listened to some Tony Robbins to and fro from work and while mowing the lawn this evening. I think it has helped a bit. Also hearing from Andy today gave me a boost too. So, anyway.. here is how we're doing...

Diet: Good, low carb, trying to taper my calories to begining of the day, had big brekkie again.

Excercise: Well, no weights, however I did run 1km . Woo hoo. You see, I would never have considered myself a runner but I ran a whole 1km without stopping. I took a road nearby which Carla had measured herself as being 1km for her running training. So I set out to test my stamina and fitness. So I managed to run the entire 1km to end of this road, and jogged a bit on the way back, but mostly walked the whole way back.. so 2km in total. Not a massive workout but great achievement in my mind. Want to build it up.. note though, I'm wheezing like a 70-a day smoker after that run (still a good hour after). Which reminded me of when I was a kid starting to cycle home from school and cycling up Trees road in Mount Merrion (v. steep hill). I ponder if this is just unfitness or if it is anything related to my son Christian's asthma. I honestly think it is most likely unfitness related and loose mucus (charming I know) but something to keep an eye on. Anyway, I want to try running more and build up my endurance /distance.

Mind: well, as I mentioned at the start of this entry I listened to Anthony Robbins. I did an excercise of his which he calls the Dicken's method.. Which essentially is based on 'Scrooge' and a Christmas Carol. Scrooge is visited by 3 ghosts, of past, present and future, and after experiencing all three aspects of his life and how it could turn out, he changes his actions and becomes a better person.. Well in this shortened method Tony Robbins does on Personal Power 2, he gets you to look at an aspect of your life you wan to change, e.g. in my case my weight loss. He then gets you to look forward 5 years from now, and asks you questions about your life if you don't take the action you should to change (e.g. excercise/diet). Questions like, how would you feel, do you feel the burden of it on your shoulders?, how would look? how would you behave? Then he takes it forward another 5years, so 1o years on, and you haven't made the change.. and ask the same questions and really visualise what you would go through... then he takes it to 20years on, and look at your life as it could be if you don't change... and he then brings you back to current reality...
from there he then takes you forward again, same method, 5, 10, 20 years from now, same questions, but now, visualising clearly how you would be if you did make the change, how great it would be, the feelings you'd have etc. And seeing what a difference it will make years from now.

So I found this this process v. good. Really saw myself in the first instance, getting fat and old and the boys getting fat and unfit, and visiting me in hospital with weight/heart issues. I then also saw the oppposite, I saw myself and the boys going for runs together, Christian and Alex as a good looking young men, obviously fit and active men. That again giving me great pleasure to continue. Still need to keep that momentum up and I'm chatting to Andy later, so hopefully we can get our heads knocked together and step things up. I think we need some short term goals to hit, not just July25th.

Weight: well, this was up again 14st 11lbs (23% bodyfat)... Probaby up after bad nights sleep.

'till tomorrow



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