Saturday, May 2, 2009

Challenge 2 is here - Come Join Us!

Good morning everyone,
Challenge 1 finished last week for myself and Andrew and we both made great progress on our weight loss goal, though we didn't quite hit the initial target set, Andrew wasn't far off it and I still lost a good amount of weight. So, for Challenge 2 we're making a few amendments to how well be blogging and the details we post. We learnt a few things on challenge 1 which we feel will improve the experience and keep us on track better. The outlines of the 'rules' so to speak are outlined below. Secondly, having now found great benefit in doing this process of blogging we're inviting people to join us on challenge 2 and kick start their own weight loss journey and transformation, you can choose to join us on this blog here at and we'll give you blogging access, or b. you can setup your own blog and we'll link to you and you just follow us. I can give you a no-weigh-back graphic to put in your header!

So, quick run down of what's changing in challenge 2 and general requirements for this.

1. 12 weeks challenge instead of 8 in challenge 1 (starts May 2nd ending July 25th)

2. Daily Accountability - quick update on your daily progress - no pics required (optional)
Daily info should include quick notes on 4 things Excercise, Diet, Mind & weight.

4. Weekly Saturday Weigh in as per challenge 1 but with day1 versus current week photo (photoshop template available).

3. Stats reporting each week (saturday) now must show original day 1 weight and 12 week target weight and progress against that target. e.g.

Day 1: 230lbs,
Bodyfat %: 22%
Target weight: 200lbs
Target bodyfat: 16%
Fat loss target: 30lbs

Current weight: 220lbs
Bodyfat %: 20%
Weeks variance : 2lbs
Left to go: 20lbs

4. Day 1 you should weigh in under above headings, setting your target for the 12 weeks and upload your day1 photo, and any other goal as part of the challenge (e.g. to fit in to 32" jeans, get more definition, or just fat loss!). If you are joining us midway, you can adjust your target to suit the deadline date of 25ht July.

5. Enjoy yourself, and do your weight loss healthy - no faddy diets - u must excercise regularly, eat clean, and keep a positive mindset !! :)

6. This is the key for those wanting to lose weight...Get your head in the right place and define your motivation. Most humans are driven by what gives them pleasure or pain! We move towards pleasure and avoid pain! In the past if you haven't successfully lost weight, it is most likely because you have associated more pain with doing excercise than by not doing it, thus avoiding excercise to avoid pain! The avoid pain motivator is the strongest one, as much as we'd like the pleasure motivator to be the key one! So define your motivation on these grounds:
1. Your pain motivation - by not following through, what will be the negative 'pain' consequence.
2. You pleasure motivation - by following through, what will the positive 'pleasure' consquence.

Let me give you an example with my motivation:
1. Pain: I've modelled my weight on my father / parents who are overweight, my father had a heart attack, if I don't excercise and lose weight my kids may model me, and become overweight and could potentially have heart attacks. I don't want to be responsible for that.
2. Pleasure: I'll be fit & healthy and much more confident about my body, and be in best shape of my life. And the sense of achievement will be great.

7. We also reccommend you get your hands on a copy of 'Burn the fat, feed the muscle' by Tom Venuto as a guideline on how to lose weight effectively. This is the basis of how Andrew and I are losing weight.

8. Share your tips! Support each other, keep each other motivated and accountable

Just a side note, please always use the same naming convention for your daily and weekly weigh ins, see how we did that in challenge 1. It helps keep things clearer for all to read and follow.
and, we encourage you to also put up a post under 'The weigh we were' section so you can give readers a more detailed background on your progress.

Also, we will try get together on July 25th to see everyone who's taken part!
If anyone thinks of any ideas for a reward for hitting your target on july 25th, share ideas..

So there it is, if you are up for it, come join us. Just comment below if you want to join or if you know us and have our email, get in touch!!!!!!

Good luck everyone


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