Thursday, May 14, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 13 - Dara

Hi there,
Well back in the saddle today. Here is the low down.

Diet: low carb day, did quite well today, but some frequency mid morning was off due to meetings.

Excercise: treadmill 40min with dumbells in hands adding 6kg to effort. Essentialy 12lbs weight I've lost added back in to the mix to help shake things up. Found it helped. Have 10km walk on Sunday so this is a bit of training for that.

Mind: good but very concious I've let weights slip this week and I think it shows. Off for 2 weeks from tomorrow so hope to get a good 2 weeks excercise in at full pace.

Weight: 14st 11lbs. Up a good bit but yesterday was high carb and bday wine had so combined both give a temporary lift. See how we are tomorrow.



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