Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 11 - Dara

Day 11 of Challenge 2 already.. well, I know what I have to do to break this plateau. Simply, need to step up my game. Having said that I didn't get working out today. Slept in and I think that was needed as I feel much less tired today. I had a meeting this evening so I didn't get to work out this evening (not long in). So, I'll take advantage of better sleep, head to bed now, and get up early tomorrow and get a good workout in.


Diet: Good, but volume/frequency wasn't great. Could have had better breakfast and snacks were v. light.

Excercise: non existent

Mind: Mind is actually pretty good. I know what I need to do, I just need to get it done and getting it done is causing a little frustration. So, nights sleep tonight and go kick some ass in workout tomorrow. Need to get weight loss going again.

Weight: 14st 10lbs (stilll) 22% bodyfat. - thinking I might need my own bodyfat calipars or something to properly measure myself.

So, until the am - wish me best to get this plateau broken

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