Sunday, May 10, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 9 - Dara

Well, definately time to regroup with Andrew. Noticing his absence the last few days. Don't think I realized how much motivation I got from his messages over the last few months. Anyway, Carla has also helped as usual keeping me going also! But at a point in my head where I need to figure out how to break this plateau. Flat on scales for the week and start of the week was brill on the workout front. Slipped for two days there but got a 3km walk in today with kids in tow in the double buggy.

Diet: good today, made a nice monster salad among other things, enjoyed a big brekkie also.

Excercise: enjoyed a 3km walk but should have done weights.

Mind: in need of motivational recharge, time to dig out Anthony Robbins for car journey to work tomorrow. Also need to regroup with mr. Andrew! Peed off I can't find my camera charger and have photos here on iPhone I took today (so appologies for shitty quality, was v. shaky for some reason). Also want to get skinfold test done as not sure how accurate my scales are now with bodyfat %. want to ensure I'm calculating my calories correctly.

Weight: 14st 10lbs 22% bodyfat
Flat with last week.

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