Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Challenge 2 - Day 4 - Dara

Evening readers (all 2 or 3 of you!! :) )
Well, here is todays progress.
Feeling tender in the muscles all over today, so I must be doing something right the last couple of days with my strength training. So, today been feeling a bit groggy/flabby.. don't know if you know what I mean. Some days you feel super lean, and others you feel flabby! Well today is a flabby day! Think its because last week after challenge 1 I took a break from the cardio I had been doing to do that bootcamp, which in hindsight I think was more a replacement for the weights than the cardio, so this week will be ensuring I have my stregth training to schedule and my cardio at least 3 times this week for 30-40mins min each session. My weigh in this morning threw me off a little, but I'd had a bad nights sleep so could explain it all.

Diet: High carb day today, so was on Oatmeal and protein shake for brekkie and a bananna, snacked on fruit + protein shake, had avocado & tuna in wholemeal pittas for lunch (probably could have been higher carb), and then had Burittos for dinner. Water consumption could have been better during the day, better in evening.

Excercise: Good today, was off day for muscles (no harm they need it), and was in on the treadmill for a 40min walk. Got good sweat up on it. So happy with that.

Mind: Head is getting more focused on the challenge. Feeling like this will be a bigger transformation than challenge 1..like I'm going to really step it up a notch and get the remaining weight off. I can feel the muscle underneath now and know that I just burn that layer of fat off it would make a big difference. Not easy, but if I maintain 2lbs a week over the next 12 weeks thats 24lbs, and I only want to lose 15-16lbs of fat at this stage. So I think its quite achievable..and allows for any hickups and plateaus along the way that I need to change my technique about for. Also glad to hear from Andrew via text that he's back in the gym working away. Looking forward to july 25th already!!

Weight: still at 14st 10lbs, bodyfat read at 23%, but I don't know, will probably be down to 22% again tomorrow, not sure why? anyway, weight is static at least, so cardio this week will hopefully push that down. Will try get a good night sleep tonight also and get that fat coming off.
Hoping for some drop in weight for sat. Hoping to see more more come off the bodyfat% each week. I was reading about how much should be possible and 0.5% off a week should be possible, meaning over a 12week period I will be capable of losing 6% bodyfat, bringing me down to my target of 16% bodyfat. I'll keep you posted, that will mean I'd need at 21.5% reading on saturday's weigh in. Still the rest of the week to go, so need to work my butt off.

So, here's looking forward to a good workout week! back in on shoulders, chest, abs tomorrow...but will also try get cardio done in morning prior to work.
good night and thanks for listening!


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